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Produced by Charlton McCallum Safaris, Zimbabwe

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Come join Charlton McCallum Safaris as they guide numerous exciting dangerous game hunts along the banks of the Zambezi River and valley. Watching the 23 kills, you will feel like you are actually part of these adrenaline rushing hunts.

This DVD is essentially three parts. The first part deals with hunting the man eating crocs of Cabora Bassa Lake in Mozambique. Six monstrous crocs are taken on film. This is also an instructional chapter. Complimenting the crocs are several huge hippo bull kills.

The second part of the DVD deals with PAC (Problem Animal Control) elephant hunts. Six elephant bulls are all taken with close quarter brain shots. While you will be glued to your seat during these awesome hunts in thick bush, you will also learn how protein starved local communities benefit directly from these hunts.

The third and last segment covers extreme hunting. You will see an elephant and leopard taken with bow and then incredible footage of brain shots on elephants with hand guns and muzzle loaders at under 20 yards! Explore the different ways to enhance your hunting experience by pushing the boundaries of conventional hunting. Included in this section are three unbelievable charges which end with elephants being dropped mere feet away from the hunters!

This is an exciting video with lots of action and a great resource for getting inspired for your own safari.

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