Keyah Grande

13211 Highway 160 West
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
Telephone: (970) 731-2158
Fax: (970) 731-5446

Nestled in the San Juan Mountains of South West Colorado, Keyah Grande is much as it was when the Ancient Puebloan Indians flourished nearby Chimney rock. For thousands of years, elk, deer, wild turkeys and bear have roamed the meadows, forests,canyons and mesas of what is known today as Keyah Grande, an Indian name for "big country." In the 1990's the Sackman family, accomplished lifelong hunters, envisioned a hunting reserve in this ideal environment and began to develop their idea. They wanted to provide world-class hunting in tandem with world-class accommodations.

The Keyah Grande hunting experience is truly unique. Our hunting reserve encompasses approximately 2,000 acres of untouched natural elk habitat and contains some of the world’s largest elk. A professional guide will accompany you on foot as you set out to find and shoot the best of the best, the elk of a lifetime.

Choose from rifle, muzzle-loader or bow hunting. You are welcome to bring your own gun or choose one from the Keyah Grande vault, and we’ll provide the ammunition. Dart hunting is also available.

In addition to hunting the reserve, Miriam turkey, mule deer and waterfowl hunting is available by special advance arrangement.

The hunting experience doesn’t end with the hunt. Hunting rates include a luxury suite at Keyah Grande, which can comfortably accommodate a family of four. You’ll enjoy three gourmet meals a day prepared by our award-winning staff and served in our world-class dining room. For a more rustic experience, choose Our Old Miners Log Cabin.

The lodge is open year round, with hunting available between September and January, with the exception of spring turkey hunting during state posted seasons.

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