Hunting The African Elephant (Trailer)
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Produced by Charlton McCallum Safaris, Zimbabwe

About this video
Many a big game hunter tends to 'specialize' in the pursuit of one particular species, for one reason or another becoming a devotee of lion, leopard, elephant or buffalo hunting. Buzz Charlton, undoubtedly, is a dedicated elephant man, a man after my own heart, a man experienced beyond his years. The right man to give us this outstanding documentary and educational exposť.

Apart from the exceptional field photography and wealth of valuable information on elephants and the hunting thereof, Buzz reveals his deep affection for these animals, the grandest and most intelligent of African dangerous game. This intelligence, and the dangers that go with it, need special attention and understanding, attributes that an 'elephant man' instinctively applies to his hunting.

Those of us 'gray beards' still around vote Buzz firmly into the ranks of 'elephant men'. Now - watch him in action! Foreward by Richard Harland 2005.
(Author of The Hunting Imperative; African Epic; Ndlovu-The Art of Hunting the African Elephant)

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