Saskatchewan Canada
LODGE TEL: 306-638-3136, LODGE FAX: 306-638-3135
ED TEL: 707-725-4767, 
ED FAX: 707-725-8603
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Deer Valley Ranch located 110 miles north of the US/Montana border in Southern Saskatchewan is a world class hunting operation. The quality of our Elk, White Tail deer, Fallow bucks, Mouflon sheep, Aoudad sheep, and bison are all unsurpassed. Deer Valley Ranch clients have taken the largest bulls with the bow and arrow, 465 2/8 pending new SCI record, 442 2/8 #2 archery record and 475, 472 2/8, 470 6/8, 465, 460 and 453 typical with a rifle, 483 non-typical, 478 6/8, 477 2/8, 468, 451 non-typical #1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 respectively with a muzzle loader. Number one typical 6x6 at 438, number 1 typical 7x7 at 428 SCI, also with a muzzle loader. EVERY YEAR DEER VALLEY RANCH TAKES MORE 400” PLUS BULL ELK THAN ANY OTHER HUNTING OPERATION IN NORTH AMERICA.

Your hunt is fully guided one on one. There is a “no kill, no pay” hunt for all species. We guarantee it 100% or you simply do not pay for the cost of the species hunted. Our guides are very experienced and professional and trained to hunt at a pace consistent with each individual hunter’s conditioning. Therefore, pre-hunt conditioning is not a factor.

Deer Valley Ranch has been in business since 1997 when elk hunting was opened in the Province of Saskatchewan for non-residents. You will be hunting on a privately owned ranch; the ranch is over 7,000 plus acres in size. For non hunting companions, there is a Mineral Spa; Casino; The Tunnels of Al Capone all just 20 minutes away or there is just relaxing and takings in the peaceful surroundings at the lodge.The lodge offers accommodations for group hunt parties up to 18 hunters.

We offer the very best in quality animals, guides, equipment, lodging and food. Owner: Ed Shields

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